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ALTUS LSA is a Greek company with the objective of developing and providing defense and security services and innovative solution with unmanned systems. The mission of the Company is to develop an excellent European center in the field of Non-Managed Systems and Objectives with worldwide support capabilities. The company’s personnel is characterized by a broad field of expertise and has over fifteen years of experience in the fields of design development, production and provision of Non-Managed Air and Earth Systems for the benefit of international forces worldwide.

ALTUS LSA with its certified personnel has gained experience in a multitude of technological fields of study, being able to offer innovative engineering solutions to meet the specific customer requirements. 
Areas of expertise:  

  • Telecommunication systems 
  • Electronic Remote Control and Navigation Systems 
  • Observation and Remote Monitoring Systems 
  • Electronic Mechanical Systems 
  • Security Apps 
  • Electrical and Mechanical Applications 
  • Design of Systems and Equipment 
  • Automation