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ITCS Informatics, Education & Consulting Services Ltd. was founded in 2005 to provide specialized and innovative solutions / services to private and public sector enterprises and organizations. 
The Company provides integrated technological solutions and quality, high quality consulting services, actively contributing to the continuous development and successful response to the business challenges of its customers. 
The main goal of ITCScom since its inception is to invest in innovative products and services through the implementation of Research and Development activities both internally and through the funding of Academic Institutions. 
Particular emphasis is put on the development of integrated packages with innovative technological solutions and consulting services, which contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of its customers in the context of a constantly changing business environment. 

The activities of ITCScom concern the provision of services and integrated solutions to both private and public sector entities and the wider public sector, based mainly on products and systems of its own development. At the same time it collaborates with offering solutions and products with the largest IT companies in Greece, such as COSMOTE Group, INFOQUEST SA, CPI SA, DELL, and abroad. 
The services offered by ITCScom cover the full range and life cycle of a project: from idea and research, to design, execution, delivery and continuous maintenance, using established implementation and safeguard quality in managing each action. 
The company specializes in three main areas: 

  • Information Technology and Telecommunications 
  • Education and Certification 
  • Consultant agency 

Information Technology and Telecommunications 

  • Development and Support of IT Applications & New Technologies 
    • Information Systems Management (MIS) 
    • Decision Support Systems (DSS, Knowledge Management) 
    • ERP systems 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    • Workflow Systems 
  • Design and Development of Internet Portals 
  • Equipment 
    • Marketing and Installation of Computer and Telecommunication Equipment 
    • Computerization and Technical Support for Organizations and Businesses 
  • Services 
    • Development of Studies for the Design and Development of Information Systems 
    • Management of Information and Telecommunication Projects 
    • Organization of Accounting 
    • Payroll and Payroll Statement 
    • Data Entry and Data Control 

ITCS is an official hardware vendor of INFOQUEST ABEE, CPI SA, and DELL Registered Partner. 
Education and Certification 
One of the core activities of ITCScom is the provision of high-level IT and telecommunication education services as well as the continuous upgrading and development of teaching methods and its benefits to trainees. 
In particular, the education sector is active in: 

  • Design and implementation of in-house training programs tailored to the needs of each client 
  • Design and Implementation of Funded Educational Programs (eg LAEK, Erasmus, etc.) 
  • Management of Educational Programs 
  • Evaluation of Educational Programs 
  • Implementation of accelerated training programs 

Seminar rooms equipped with state-of-the-art computers, surveillance media and multimedia have been set up o cover educational activities. 
The ITCScom Training Center is registered at the LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER FOR LIFELONG LEARNING of the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning, as defined by Law 3879/2010 of the Ministry of Education, Registry: MHT56 / 25.11.2013. 
The company collaborates and is a Certified Examining Center of the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) recognized by the Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK). 
Consultant agency 
The company has a full portfolio of consulting services and provides integrated development and organization solutions to private and wider public sector corporations and organizations, adapting its methodological approach to the business needs and uniqueness of each customer. The range of services offered by the company is illustrated below: 

  • Strategic & Business Planning 
  • Maturation, Implementation and Management of Funded Projects and Programs by the European Commission and other International Organizations 
  • Drawing up investment plans and financial engineering studies 
  • Design and Implementation of Publicity and Project Promotion Actions 

ITCScom was a co-ordinator partner of the Development Partnership "Social Targeting" for the implementation of the project "Initiatives to Encourage Social Entrepreneurship", within the framework of the OP. "Human Resources Development" for the programming period 2007-2013, with a budget of 350.000,00 €, which was successfully completed in December 2016. 
ITCScom's clients include public and wider public sector bodies, such as the Ministry of Education, the General Secretariat for the Equality of the Schools, the Region of Attica, the Region of Western Greece, the Navy, the Hellenic Railways Maintenance Company SA. (EESSY SA), Building Infrastructure SA, IKA - ETAM, Universities and Research Institutions, Municipalities, Chambers, Hospitals, etc., as well as important private companies such as: Multichoice Hellas SA, Oriflame Hellas SA, Alpha Bank, Cyprus Bank, Village Roadshow SA, Lambrakis Press (Lambrakis Press), Profile A.E., et al